The Team

“As a television producer, I book a lot of guests, and am responsible for well-produced segments, often working with tight deadlines. The Gal Friday team has taken the time and courtesy to understand BT’s product and knows what we expect. I can count on the team for solid pitches, thorough preparation and reliable communication – 3 things that make my job much easier, and give me the tools I need to carry out a well-produced segment”Tamara Slobogean, Breakfast Television Vancouver


Rachel and Lucy the dog

Rachel and Lucy the dog

Rachel Sentes

Rachel Sentes is a professional writer and full-time publicist/CEO of gal-friday publicity, based in Vancouver, B.C. Her clients include actors, sports figures, publishers, top tier businesses and dog rescue associations. She specializes in building publicity platforms and garnering media bookings for authors, helping them negotiate their way through the ever-changing maze of the publishing world. Rachel has booked clients on CTV National, BNN,  CNN, The Seattle Times, Global, Shaw, City TV,, Truthout Org, Huffington Post, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, NewsTalk 1010, TSN, Bloomberg Radio and The Vancouver Sun, to name a few. Rachel helps authors who are planning to publish (or have just published), and need help with everything from deciding the right publishing path to getting your book into stores or on virtual shelves.

Not an actual image of Brian, but pretty close

Brian Wood

Brian Wood was born in 1970 and attended the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, receiving a Master’s degree in English in 1994 after putting his professors through hell. After graduating he moved to Vancouver where he worked for Coles and then Indigo. In 2006, he became a literary agent, representing such people as Bob McKenzie, Al Strachan, Brian Kilrea, and James Duthie. He married his publicist, Rachel Sentes, in July 2013. His first book of poems, Winter Walk, was published by Sakura Publishing in November, 2013. He has always worked in non-fiction and specializes in sports books ( they go well with a cigar and a good scotch). enjoys watching NFL games on TV, reading, writing, playing tennis, and music, and in roughly that order.Oh yes, and he has an agent website: Brian J Wood Literary Agent– so you can check that out as well. Occasionally he writes a blog or two on there.

Dr. Kyla Sentes with Lucy

Dr. Kyla Sentes with Lucy

 Dr. Kyla Sentes received an interdisciplinary PhD in political science and public health in 2010. She is the author of numerous articles and publications and was a sessional lecturer at the University of Alberta for over ten years. She is the founder and operator of Dog Hair INCluded, a dog accessories company focussed on social responsibility, with its paw on the pop culture pulse.  Through Dr Kyla’s Emporium she also works as a freelance writer, editor, and researcher. She has edited several books across the genres of academia, creative nonfiction, fiction, and children’s books. She can be reached at kyla {at}

Lucy: Office Manager Queen (in spirit)
16-year-old Lucy managed gal-friday from her Montreal office and oversaw the day-to-day operations that kept people doing stuff! She was also the manager of Dog Hair Included– a dog accessory company and was often  seen travelling on her scooter with her pink helmet and doggles.
Sadly, Lucy passed away October 25, 2013 but her legacy carries on in everything we do. We will always miss her, but we know she’s under our desks in spirit to help us succeed.



Pumpkin: Collections, Security, Assistant Manager
12-year-old Pumpkin has a checkered past with some scars from battling zombies, (a spleenectomy), and collecting overdue accounts. Pumpkin is in charge of keeping the accounts in good standing. And trust us, his bite is worse than his bark.





Daisy: Office Greeter 14-year-old Daisy is a super active greeter for the business. You can hear her for miles when we get a booking and she’s right there if you need to hand out refreshments or treats. You haven’t been greeted properly until you’ve been kissed by Daisy.


Fizzgig eating a pencilFizzgig: Intern and Tech Support puppy 3 year old Fizzgig is actively learning how to run her department and is a whiz at organizing. She even determines what type of office supplies we need ( apparently we have now run out of pencils. She ate them). We are hoping that she will graduate from chewing computer and phone cords and become indispensable to the team in more productive ways. We hear she’s been eyeing Pumpkin’s security job lately.