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What we are looking for:
We are looking for exciting products and stories that will catch the media’s eye. We don’t work with religious toned books- some light spiritualism is okay but it’s low on the list of projects we like to work on.

We do work with fiction- however I am choosy about what kind of books I like to work on.

We like the following genres:  horror, mystery, satire, travel, children, science, science fiction, some fantasy, history, comics, art, cookbooks, business, a few romance books ( but they have to be really awesome), and a little self-help ( but it has to be good self help that is new and exciting). We will also consider anthologies and biographies and memoirs ( but the memoirs have to be amazingly good). We are always looking for pet related items!!!

We work with traditionally published authors, self-published authors, and indie published authors. If you are self published then your book must be typo free and widely distributed in both Canada and the U.S.

We also work with a wide variety of businesses- and love business oriented non-fiction books!

We are always looking for food projects- either a great thing to eat or something to use in the kitchen as well as pet products!

So, do you want to get stuff done? Well you’ve come to the right place!

But first a note: Please click on this link. If you are one of these writers ( especially number 10 then you might want to rethink contacting us. Because we are pretty darn honest with you about your work!)

Also, before you come to us with a product or service, please consider answering these questions.
In working with a publicist what exactly are your goals? ( Remembering that we are NOT book marketers)

What KIND of media are you after? Who do you want to book with? Pick all that applies: (print/newspaper/online/bloggers/radio/television etc)

Media is based on a Problem and Solution equation. Without those two items it’s much harder to pitch a person, product or concept.

If you can answer a journalist’s questions of  So What? and Why should my audience care about this? Then it will be easier to pitch to the media and get better results

Why is your story worth discussing in the media?

List at least 3 reasons why a journalist or TV producer would want you as a guest on their show. How do you and your product, idea, or service connect to any current trends, headlines, or  needs.

What is it about you and your product that would merit national attention?

And if you are submitting a manuscript please familiarize yourself with Word Crimes by the fun Weird Al Yankovic

Think hiring a publicist is going to cost you an arm and a leg? Well it might depending on who you hire ( some of us here can be bought with a bottle of good scotch- and chips.)

Give us a call at 604-366-7846 or drop Rachel a line at and consider booking a consultation today.

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