Pet Publicity

Welcome to grrr-friday’s Pet PR- Something to Bark About!

When have a great story to tell, you want it to be barked about- by every dog and person around.  That means sending pee-mail to top tier TV shows, magazines, newspapers, radio, and social media sites. It means engaging in a campaign that gets your story some attention which in turn will have you leading the pack when it comes to recognition.

Daisy leading the pack to be the first to tell her story
Daisy racing to get media

Is your message getting lost in social media? With algorithms changing everyday on places like facebook, twitter, instagram and others, can you really afford to spend time appealing to people to like your page?

Don’t Sit and Beg for likes!  Stand up and Lead the way to super stardom!


If you want to reach people on a larger scale then mainstream media can be one of your solutions.

A key interview on a t.v or radio show, or in a top tier newspaper can spread your news and change the way people engage in your business or organization.

Why is pet pr so effective? Because every day the media need stories and people love reading about animals. Did you know that a dog story running in a National section of a newspaper was 2.6 times more likely to turn up on hundreds of syndicated sites the next day?  It’s true!


What are the results of Pet Pr?

Your great pet product is THE one that people want

An increase in adoptions from your organization

More invitations to speak on what matters most to you

Higher attendance for your fundraising events

More clients for your pet business

More awareness for your book, course, or service

Connections with like minded individuals and fostering a kinder community

The opportunity to become an expert source for media stories

We are passionate about making a difference for animals and helping you reach your goals for media. We do all the publicity work so YOU can do what you do best- make the world a better place.

Email us for our Puptastic Publicity Packages!

One of our team members is also the owner and operator of Dog Hair Included,  a handmade dog accessories company to the stars. Her geeky and pop-cultured oriented items clothe furry stars such as Cubby Day, and Seamus, Marlowe and Riley Wheaton. She’s a huge rescue supporter and can create lines of collars, leashes and bandanas to highlight your business or organization. In doing so we can raise funds for adoptions and rescue organizations!

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