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Before you publish your book you need to consider marketing and publicity, and more importantly- your budget for both.

Publicity builds awareness about your book, it does NOT mean instant sales. Publicity is not guaranteed, but we do the best we can to get you media bookings. We hope that you can see the value of working on publicity as part of your marketing plans (which you should all have- this is the Business of Writing!)

We offer flat rates for projects and monthly retainer rates for continuous publicity. Having publicity for several months or longer is the best way to maximize your book awareness.

With gal-friday publicity, we will work with you to:

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Develop a cost effective cohesive Author Book Publicity Plan
  • Turn Readers into Fans
  • Create pitches that make your book newsworthy every time we approach the media
  • Create professional and continually updated publicity materials
  • Build an exciting easy to update website that will keep your Fans returning
  • Consult with you on all publishing options from draft to finished product- traditional and self-published
  • Research as many new media targets as possible for your book
  • Be a source for information on distribution, e-books, retail opportunities

Having publicity for several months is the best way to maximize awareness of your book or speaking platform, so we have a minimum  short campaign requirement to be the most effective.

Our Book/Author Platform packages are set up to build awareness on a regular basis, but also utilize real time pr. If something breaks in the news that you can comment on or is related to your book, then we’ll send out a pitch to get you in the ring. Our press releases are written to attract attention and tie-in with any trends in your industry and genre. Our aim is to maximize your publicity and marketing dollars leaving no stone unturned.

We also believe in the SLOW PR methods. You might think- “what the heck? I thought PR is fast!” and you would be right, but Slow PR refers to our process of taking time to get to know and build relationships with key media people to get the best results. It’s not about how MANY pitches you send out. It’s about WHO you send it to. We spend a great deal of time researching and targeting the right people for your story.

Our services on a monthly basis include but aren’t limited to:



  • Creation of targeted and customized media lists for industry and topics
  • Targeted media pitches for radio/print/television/online campaigns
  • Write, edit and distribution of news releases to Canadian and U.S media
  • Media bookings for interviews, reviews and blog radio
  • Creation of media kits, speaker’s packages  and sell sheets
  • Speaker platform building ( build the platform before you sell your book)
  • E-book publicity
  • Connections with trade media ( eg. Publishers Weekly, library journals)

Mini marketing specialties

  • Book Distributor queries and set up for Canada and U.S
  • Queries to wholesale markets ( wal-mart, Costco etc)
  • Insider tips to managing books within the Indigo Books system and with booksellers
  • Advice and research on wholesalers and retailers

 The Business of Writing

  • Editing- substantive, structural and stylistic
  • Rewriting
  • Copy Editing
  • Fact/Reference Checking
  • Bio tweaking and editing
  • Manuscript assessment- by a publicist, editor and literary agent
  • Book Proposal and query Writing
  • Manuscript Evaluations
  • Guidance on the best way for your book to be published. We’ll take it from draft to finished copy and help you on your journey to publication
  • E- book conversion and publishing (we’ll set up a store on your site to sell your e-book as well as work with e-book publishers to get your book on the market
  • Ghostwriting- for non-fiction, fiction, blog writing, book blurbs
  • Book cover design

Monthly Publicity Retainer Rates- we work with self-published as well as traditional publishing houses

Each package includes all of the above services as required for each author’s specific campaign

We recommend a minimum of 3 months per campaign to maximize and leverage the publicity garnered for book, and if you can get in touch with us about 3-6 months ahead of your book being published then that makes it much easier to help you out!

Someone asked me why I don’t post rates on my website- here’s the answer: I don’t post my rates, not because I have something to hide, but just because I encourage engagement. If someone is serious about publicity for their book, I like to talk to them one on one- either through email or on the phone to see if we can meet their needs. I’m not about competing on price point because I feel there is so much more to this business than that.- So email us and we can chat!

Retainer Package A: email us for prices!

This package includes  customized news releases, distribution and follow ups for media bookings, targeted media lists with pitches, tweet campaigns, phone campaigns, and real time publicity tie ins for  media headlines. Author platform development. Publicity is on a local and national level.

Retainer Package B: Email us for prices!

This package includes customized press releases, distribution and follow ups for media bookings, targeted media lists with pitches, tweet campaigns, phone campaigns, real time publicity tie ins for media headlines, social media and blog direction, proposals to development companies for products for film or television, author book blog promotional tours , a customized media kit for speaking presentations and additional publicity sourcing as needed. Manuscript assessment, publisher proposals, and manuscript editing if required. Publicity is on a local and national level.

Retainer Package C: Email us for prices!

This package includes all the items in packages A & B and focuses on building and maintaining a strong platform. Article writing and online posting, with Ezine articles, Goodreads, promotional blog tours, blog and social media maintenance, research for additional targeted publicity markets, event publicity and media training if required. In this package we focus our efforts on gaining as many bookings as possible for you and your book, and aligning your business and marketing plan with our publicity efforts. Publicity is on a local, national, and international level.

1 hour monthly publishing consultation
If you need some help navigating the publicity and publishing world we are here to help. With your one hour a month, you can phone us with questions, do one or two specific tasks, follow up on any queries, and be the people who can answer everything about publishing and publicity. Query about our rate.

The Big Thinker’s Package

Put all your worries to rest with this package.
In the Big Thinker’s Package, I take your money ($3000 up front, no refunds) & spend a week at the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel + Spa.  No work is actually done on your account. I make no phone calls, send no emails, write no texts. In fact I write nothing, except my name on drink receipts. But I do t h i n k a lot about your project. I muse & ponder. As I sit back in the jacuzzi, hot towels wrapped around my head, your project will be much on my mind. At the spa, while I recline for a manicure & skin freshener, & sip on a martini, your project will be my only thought. While I lap the pool, you & your book will be my sole focus.

And as I sit back in my king luxury suite,  sipping hot tea while re-fastening my cashmere hotel robe, rest assured you & your project are all I think about. YOU come first. YOUR project is all I think about, on my way to/from Hollywood.

Sign Up Today! ( and yes… we are joking. Just checking to see how much you are reading on our site!)

We are happy to speak to you about what you are looking for in publicity packages and we are always open to chatting about mixing it up to get you closer to reaching your goals.

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