Business Publicity

Looking for lead generation? Publicity is an important component to add to your regular marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s a known fact that the more you publicize aspects of your business, the more you build brand loyalty and consumer confidence. Wouldn’t your customers love it if they were included in a news release celebrating their success? Or maybe you have a strong viewpoint on how business is being done today and you want to tell your industry about it! A boost to your business and traffic to your website can happen in just one well placed media appearance- and our aim is to get your business in the spotlight so that you can work on your business and let us do the other stuff.

We offer flat rates and monthly retainer rates for continuous publicity. Having publicity for several months or longer is the best way to maximize awareness of your business.

Our Business Platform packages are set up to build awareness on a regular basis, but also incorporate real time pr. If something breaks in the news that you can comment on- then we’ll send out a pitch to get you in the ring. Our news releases are written to attract attention and tie-in with any trends in your industry. There are about 100 reasons for a business to send out a news release and the more you get the word out about your product or service, the more the media will begin to seek you out as a voice for your industry.

Publicity is intricately linked with Marketing- and we have experience with marketing and advertising campaigns, so if you need help in that area we can certainly help you out.

Our services on a flat rate or monthly basis  include:

News Release writing and distribution- traditional and online

Social Media tie-ins for press ( twitter, linked in, facebook, blogging, seo,)

e-book marketing and publicity

Website content analysis

Social sharing mechanisms and content for social hubs

What to tweet, what to avoid, what to blog

Individually targeted media pitches to key reporters in your industry

Booking interviews and follow ups

Writing articles about your business for online postings and submissions to magazines

Blog, facebook writing (we write and schedule the blogs so that you can save time)

Building an individual platform ( for business owners)

Giving direction on how to utilize social media and leverage any media interviews that are booked

These are just some of our services that serve as a basis for a building a publicity platform, we are happy to discuss any of your business needs and see if we can help you with that stuff!

Depending on your business needs, we customize which projects we work on to fit within your budget. Give us a call and we can go from there!

We are happy to speak to you about what you are looking for in a publicity and marketing package and we are always open to chatting about mixing it up to get you closer to reaching your goals. Give us a call at 604-366-7846 or drop us a line at