Editing and Manuscript Assessments

We have top notch editors here to edit your book, business pamphlet, or even look at your web copy to make sure that it’s grammatically correct and ready to go. ( If there are any grammatical mistakes on this page it is my fault- not my editing crew’s!) It’s important to do your research to find the right editor that fits your project. We hear too many stories about editing gone wrong, so be sure to ask a lot of questions before you hire one.

All of our editing services are done on an hourly basis and we’ll give you a quote on how many hours it will take to be completed.
We do the following types of Editing:

Substantive or Structural Editing-Clarifying and /or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure.

Technical Editing– clarifying meaning and fixing text line by line. This might include correcting the reading level and advising on viewpoint and grammar.

Rewriting– On the basis of content, creating a new work with the author’s input. Some research may be involved.

Copy Editing– The most popular choice for writers. Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, style, formatting and checking for consistency of facts and mechanics. Unlike the Editors’ Association of Canada guidelines, our copy editing may overlap with stylistic and structural editing.

Fact Checking / Reference Checking – We love to research and check out facts for you! We will check and double check accuracy of facts, quotes, references, so that you have the right original sources.

Bio tweaking and editing–  Do you have an outdated bio that needs a little life? We can help inject some fun and excitement into your bio while keeping that level of professionalism that you need! Hourly rates apply.

Manuscript Assessment– Where else can you get a manuscript assessment by a publicist, editor, and literary agent? We will review your manuscript or self-published fiction or non fiction book (including children’s books) and give your work a complete assessment for viability, continuity, grammar, saleability and will offer suggestions on how to improve the manuscript – Fee- ask us for a quote

The “ Full Monty” Assessment. What components are you missing for the big sell?
Get a one-on-one assessment of your work from a publicist, literary agent, and editor on whether you are ready to take the stage as an author, or need a little more rehearsal time. This also includes two phone calls to go through your work.
We’ll tackle your questions and give you answers about the publishing world and what to do next as you enter the Business of Writing.
Based on your manuscript or self-published book we will answer:
How much work does your book need to sell to a publisher or agent?
How much editing needs to be done before you can send it out?
What areas of your manuscript need the most help? Characters? Plot? Theme? Grammar?
How should this book be published? E-book, Self-published, Traditional publishing? Where is your audience?
What are the best times to release a book?
What publishers should you approach?
What the heck is distribution and why does it matter to me?
What are the key differences between Self-publishing and Traditional publishing?
What’s the best way to self publish and why?

We’ll answer all these questions, give you all the handouts and resources plus two phone call chats that will get you centre stage for your project – drop us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk!!!

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