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Brian J Wood is our non-fiction literary agent. His expertise as a behind the scenes bookseller and an up front agent is helping his books to reach best seller status in Canada, and soon in the U.S. His no-nonsense approach to selling books has given him a high professional status in the sports world, and his aim to see that more Canadian authors are given their shot at the big time. If you would like to know how to submit to Brian visit his webpage at – and follow it to the letter!

Submission requirements
If you have a book that is non-fiction then you may submit it to
Please send a Chapter outline, Sample chapter, and a Bio to us directly. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

The “If you follow this- it works” Book Proposal writing package
You’ve read all the books on how to do this. Now work with our agent who does this for a living. We’ll work with you and your manuscript to make sure that you have a sure-fire proposal that will keep it out of the slush pile. Our team gives you tips based on your manuscript on how to deliver your project to editors, publishers and agents.  This package includes:

-That pesky query letter– do you need one? And if is, what needs to go in it?
-How to write a proper Summary
-Chapter Outline- what should it look like?!
-Audience- do you have the right stuff to reach them?
-Which sample chapter do you choose?
-How to send out your proposal ( what formats are best)
-How to reach the right Editors
-Key components you Must include in your proposal
-How to read between the lines when a publisher writes back
-How to Handle Rejection and keep on going!
-How to react when you get an offer!

Our team will then review your book proposal and give you some options on next steps.

Contract Reviewing and Negotiation. Don’t have an agent? Have you been given what you think is an awesome contract but now you aren’t so sure? Before you sign on the dotted line, let us review your contract, offer suggestions on how to improve your terms and make sure that the contract is in your best interest and if you like, we’ll negotiate on your behalf for a one time fee of $250.00 (plus applicable taxes)

One on One Publishing/Publicity Advice
Sometimes you just need professional advice to clarify your goals for your book or your business. Let us help you navigate your way through the publishing/marketing industry by booking a one time or monthly call with us. Write your list of questions and we’ll give you the best advice we can based on our expertise.

We are now offering what we call a One to One publishing consulting. This consist of a phone call meeting which entitles you to speak with our agent about the process of publishing.  It will ensure that you are represented in all matters concerning your book from an insider that knows all the ropes. It does not mean you have an agent ( he makes those choices) but it does give you a chance to ask pertinent questions on your journey to publication! Brian J Wood is available for this service.
Fee:email us for a quote

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